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“So what’s the big deal?” you may ask.

The Chapter meets in the morning so that Members can travel to and from our meetings whilst it is daylight.

This Chapter is ideal if you are retired, cannot drive at night, work irregular shift patterns or just do not like battling through school traffic in the afternoons.

Parking is easier because there are no other meetings taking place at Southgate Masonic Centre at the same time.


Consecrated on 29 September 1910 at the Holborn Restaurant WC, Brondesbury Chapter No. 2698 has enjoyed a successful passage through the last 107 years.

Having moved several times from its original venue of the Earl Derby Inn, High Road Kilburn, Brondesbury Chapter moved in November 1983 to its present venue of Southgate Masonic Centre, 88 High Street, London N14 6EB.

The Brondesbury Chapter meets on the 3rd Thursday in February, 1st Thursday in May and the 3rd Thursday in November (Installation) at the Southgate Masonic Centre, 88 High Street, Southgate, N14 6EB

In February 2016 the members voted in favour of changing the starting times of the convocations from 4.00pm to 11.00am to make it easier for those companions who do not wish to travel home in darkness and to accommodate those who work outside of usual office hours. Meeting in the morning also reduces the pressure on parking at the Centre.

Brondesbury Chapter adopts the Aldersgate ritual and meets on the 3rd Thursdays of November [Installation] and February and on the 1st Thursday of May at 11.00am followed by luncheon at 1.00pm.


At the convocation on Thursday 15 February 2018 Andrew Farleigh will deliver an illustrated talk on ‘The Swinging Sixties’ and on Thursday 3 May 2018 Mike Neville will present his illustrated talk on ‘Jack the Ripper, Jack the Mason?


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